Trail Day! Wild Horses and Spring Life

Trail Day with Wild Horses Spring Adventures

Yesterday J and I decided to bike the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail (and by “J and I decided” I mean I dragged him along). The trail is about 16 miles and one of the only Florida bike trails I’ve been on with actual hills. It did nothing to help my calf strain, but was still worth it. We entered through the Boulware Springs Park entrance and rode toward Hawthorne (I think). The older gentlemen at the beginning of the trail told us which way we should go to head near the path I wanted.

My real goal yesterday was to see alligators. There’s a section of the trail that’s right next to a large body of water where gators sunbathe and swim just a couple feet from the path. We didn’t realize you couldn’t take your bikes along the path, so we’ll just have to go again with a bike lock next time. Oh, darn! 😉 I’ve seen photos of park visitors getting up-close and personal with boars, bison, and more. The horses we saw were a nice compensation, but next time my goal is at least an alligator.

All that aside, the trail is beautiful! The trees are starting to bloom again and the weather is perfect. We shared the trail with a ton of bikers, walkers and joggers out to capitalize on the nice weather while it lasts.  If you’re near Gainesville, this is a must-visit location. We drove about an hour and a half to get there and it didn’t disappoint! The ride was so nice that it It makes me want to do the MS Cycle to the Shore again this year, so I can see more of Florida from my bike seat. It’s in October, so maybe I’ll be cleared by PT to do it.  Here’s hoping!

Here’s some of the photos we took on the trail. You can click on the photos below to learn more.



What adventures did you take this weekend?

Till next time!

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