Spaghetti O’s for the vegan hearts


Food Porn Friday vegan vegetarian recipes

Today’s Food Porn Friday is kicking it primary school style. I’m taking your virtual taste buds down memory lane to the good old days when the most exciting dinner options came from cans. I’m bringing back Spaghetti O’s!

Do you remember those tiny noodle rings in magical red sauce? Did you get the same fist-pumping reaction that I did when my mom broke out the can of Spaghetti O’s instead of orange marinated pork loin again? (Or some other feared dish that everyone in the house hated except the person cooking the monstrosity.) If you answered yes to either of those questions – your childhood clearly rocked.

Spaghetti O’s have always been near and dear to my heart. I have a bit of a tradition with my best friend, who shares the same ageless taste buds as me, that when we do dinner together we check our adult hats at the door. Spaghetti O’s and grilled cheese sandwiches are our favorite go-to dinners.

When we both became vegHeads, one of our biggest regrets was saying good-bye to our Spaghetti O’s and grilled cheese sandwiches. The struggle was real folks. Neither of us cared about ditching meat, but when it came to these two power-players we were mourning. Then I found this amazing recipe by and Spaghetti O’s were back on the menu!


Ready for the really awesome part about this recipe? It’s vegan! It’s also got a short ingredients list, has 8.5 grams of protein per serving, and takes less than 30 minutes to make. Dinner time win-win.

As with most things highlighted on Food Porn Friday, this recipe is adaptable to fit your needs. If you want to try a different type of dairy-free milk, go for it. If you want to boost the already decent vitamin count, add steamed spinach or kale.  If you’re catering to friends and family that still eat dairy, you can always substitutive cow’s milk and Parmesan if they aren’t willing to do the recipe’s original ingredients.  (Or you can just use canned Spaghetti O’s for their servings and keep all the dairy-free Spaghetti O’s to yourself. It’ll be a sacrifice in the name of love and extra leftovers. Try not to look to eager or they might catch on to you.)

You can find the recipe here.



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