Earth Day and Veg. Burger Review

Review: Hilary's Eat Well HEMP-AND-GREENS-BURGER

Happy Earth Day! (And Hump Day!) I feel like every day we keep spinning is technically Earth Day. I am thankful to be alive and healthy; I hope you are just as blessed.

I know today isn’t Food Porn Friday, but I really want to highlight this awesome burger I had last night.

Have you heard of the brand Hilary’s Eat Well? I had never heard of them until this weekend when I picked up two of their frozen burgers from Target. I was definitely a little hesitant, because I’m not usually a big fan of frozen burgers. These burgers were hard to pass up trying though, because they’re gluten free, yeast free, dairy free, and egg free (among other things). So I went for it.

Best purchase all weekend!
I was ravenous last night after the gym, so I chef’d them up on the stove. I didn’t use oil, but I did add some oregano and pepper to both patties while they were cooking. The patties are a little big for the buns I use, but somehow I managed to pack them in with caramelized onions (also no oil), tomato slices, and lettuce. It was a food orgasm in my mouth.

I ate both of those bad boys. I realized after the fact that I probably could have stopped at only one patty, because damn was I full! They’re perfect for anyone looking for a quick meal; an extra vitamin boost; or even as something to take to a cookout.

Hilary’s Eat Well has a ton of different types of burgers on their website. I had the Hemp & Greens Burger last night. I also have the Root Veggie Burger in my freezer for later this week. I forgot to take pictures of my burgers before I ate them, but I did get a couple shots of the package and ingredients list. I’ll try to get better about this.

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: These cooked really nicely in a non-stick pan without any additional oil. They had a bit of a crunch to them, but it was a nice characteristic. These burgers are huge. You probably wont need sides or extra helpings after eating the two patties each package comes with.

The Bad: These patties are almost too big. It could have been the buns I used, but the patties were jutting out of the sides. This might not be a con for anyone else out there, and it will certainly not stop me from eating these again, but I think you should be warned. Use big buns.

The Ugly: This one is definitely a user error. The pan I was cooking the burgers on was too small to fit both patties. Like the genius I am, I used it anyway. The result was one of the patties breaking in half first, and then into thirds. I had to stack the pieces onto the bun. This made for an ugly burger, but a damn yummy meal. Just as a precaution, use a medium to large pan if you’re going to cook these on the stove.

So that’s it, my first product review on Fit & Fancy Life. Yay! (My dogs just looked at me funny when I fist pumped while rereading that. So judgmental…) I hope you have a great Earth Day, and let me know if you’ve tried other products from this company. I’d love to get your suggestions.

April @ fitandfancylife Signature

*Disclaimer: I don’t get paid to do product reviews or name-drop Target. I legitimately found the product on my own, ate it, and wrote a review of it. Also, I love Target. It’s one of the few stores I like. I’m not sure if it’s because their online store is fantastic, they have Starbucks, or the fact that there’s one across the street from my apartment. Regardless, this is a legit review.


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